Fast, Free Shipping

Fast, Free Shipping.

We are all about getting you to sleep, quickly.  Please chat, email or call/text us shipping questions to (423) 737-0550.

Shipping Process Simplified

Orders are processed within 2 business days, tracking is emailed to you when it is generated.  Mattress will travel for 1-4 days and arrive at your home compressed and safely in a protective bag and box.

Shipping Map


General Shipping Info

Most orders usually ship via FedEx within 2 business days directly to your home with 1-4 days transit. The closer you live to Atlanta, GA the faster you will receive the mattress.  No need to sign for the package unless FedEx deems your neighborhood is unsafe to leave it in. Tracking info will be emailed to you ASAP and you can track your order.  If you have a giant dog like I do, be sure to keep him in unless it is friendly.  If you have special instructions please put them in your order notes during checkout and we will accommodate if we can or call you if we cannot.  If you want to request delivery on a certain date, the order notes is where you do this and we will make it happen if possible.

Other Notes

Shipping to your work or the office of your apartments, etc. are good options if necessary.  The mattress will be in an 18x18x41 inch box and will fit in your car.  FedEx will not bring the mattress in or remove your old mattress (sorry K).